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Lock and Load

Let me get straight to it. I was robbed. My car was vandalized and some pretty nice audio and video equipment was stolen. No biggie, This is why we pay gobs of money to our insurance companies.

What I AM having, is a hard time accepting the fact that with all my size strength and intelligence, there was absolutely nothing I could have done to stop it. I cannot shake it off. As a protector and defender of my family, I feel like I was caught slipping.

I’ve been talking to and reading about victims of theft and burglary, and how they feel violated and helpless. Yep, that’s sounds about right. What’s worse, this feeling of paranoia has me extremely protective of my family. More so than normal. If I was a scary bear before, I am certainly not to be poked or prodded now.

My family as a group will be obtaining concealed weapon permits and enrolling in a firearms class (not that I need it),but since we’ve become a Glock carrying family, it stands to reason that a family that shoots together….

Overkill? Hell no. Turn your television on. Go to any news channel, and realize that your time is coming soon. It’s just a matter of time before you become a statistic. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, the country’s crime rate has increased exponentially over the last few years.

Even if you consider yourself safe from theft, what’s your perverted neighbor across from you REALLY thinking of you? And to you guys trying to put another notch in your players card, two words for you: Steve McNair (RIP). Is it me, or does it seem that everyone in the world has lost their damned minds.

I won’t even bring up the recession. That alone is driving the indigent to extremes never before seen. Like breaking into my car parked at a four star hotel on friggin THANKSGIVING…

All of my close friends will tell you I’m not and never will be a gun advocate. Personally, I prefer the up close and personal hands on beat down.

But extreme times call for extreme measures. I’ll be waiting, locked and loaded.

To quote the comedian, Cedric the entertainer…”I WISH a motherf%#ker would…”

4 responses

  1. Sharon

    As the saying goes, “there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy paranoia”. I feel every word you’re saying. Our Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers always had a shotgun standing in the corner…just in case.

    The world is going crazy and that’s just a symptom. The real storm is coming.

    I’ll be back to read more!

    December 7, 2009 at 3:19 pm

  2. gwen

    Wow, let me start by saying I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate mishap. I do suggest that you see your doctor, and get a prescription for a chill pill. Drinking and driving don’t mix, oil and water don’t mix, so trust me when I say guns and feelings of paranoia are a bad mix as well. You are a intelligent man, this I strongly believe! It appears that you do in fact understand what insurance is all about, now mix it with a little prayer! Please take a minute to reflect on why you are, or should I say were an individual that felt you would never be a gun advocate.That decision was made when you had a sound mind. You may not be thinking clearly( but who am I to say?) Your thought process could be clouded by fear an a hint of anger. I suggest you take a long look at the material things you lost an find a better way to keep them safe as well as your family. Keep hope alive, and guns on the shelf.

    December 7, 2009 at 5:05 pm

  3. Dennis Davis

    Gwen, let me start by saying first, I do respect your stance on weapons and your feelings regarding them are warranted. However, this was never about the material possessions I lost.
    My feeling of violation and paranoia are common in victims of theft and burglary. It takes awhile for it to fade, you can ask any person who has been through this experience. Which is why I waited so long to write this. No anger, no rage, no vengeance here. This is solely for the protection of my family. I’m a navy veteran with tours in Iraq and Haiti and when I say no harm to my family will come to pass…I mean just that. I’m not some gun wielding cowboy rustling up some poachers. No, never that. But ask yourself this question: If your children were in danger and you (not the police) just you had to protect them, then what?

    December 7, 2009 at 5:49 pm

  4. Dennis Davis

    LOL, if I remember correctly Sharon, our parents and grandparents had many a shotgun in the corner just in case. But mostly they taught us how to use them accordingly.

    December 7, 2009 at 5:53 pm

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