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Lies,Truth and Bacon

food lies

Who decided what foods to call breakfast? I need to have a talk with him, and by talk I mean clubbing him over the head with a sock full of frozen sausage patties. Everyone at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) should be force fed MRE’s for not updating an antiquated food pyramid since the great depression. Why wouldn’t they…..oh wait. Lobbyists. If I’m slinging corn and wheat like a meth dealer, what better way is there than to get the government to declare it’s healthy and you must eat it. All while getting subsidies to grow more. It’s a win win.

America is BEYOND being the fattest country. There is a myriad of reasons for that, however for brevity I’m going to focus only on one. Our diet. We eat for luxury. we eat for boredom. we eat for fun. we eat to soothe depression. we eat for celebration. Why in God’s name do we eat past 7-8 o’clock pm I’ll never know. Wait, yes I do. Marketing. You’ve seen food commercials in HD. Your pupils dilate, your brain releases endorphins, and you just gotta have it. I get it. Eating for sustenance hasn’t been cool since the Great Depression, but gorging yourself late night watching a Netflix marathon is a surefire way to cardiac arrest.

You know what the average breakfast at Denny’s or an IHOP is? Stacks of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, AND hash browns with toast. I can feel my glucose levels rising just talking about it. All carbs and fat is not an ideal way to break your fast. WHERE IS THE DAMN PROTEIN? In the eggs? Sure, if I wanted the figure of a prepubescent boy. It’s too miniscule an amount for any athletic person. No one wants to eat 6-8 eggs every day, although it wouldn’t be a first for me. Bacon? Sausage? Let me be clear…I’ve eaten a whole pack of bacon and  it was delicious and oh so satisfying and I wasn’t ashamed in the slightest, but I’m not trying to stroke out from high blood pressure either. Not gonna lie…I might Ka-Bar you (stab you with a very large fighting knife) over a plate of bacon. I will NEVER become muslim. Give up pork? Hell Naw!

Shit..let me focus, I’m starting to smell bacon and no one’s cooking.

And stop subscribing to nonsense. I’m looking at you Facebook denizens. Chicken, fish and beef are FINE to eat in the morning. Protein = Amino Acids = Muscle =healthy fat burning metabolism all day long as long as your body is in motion. Ever had chicken and broccoli for breakfast? I have. And I’ve gotten weird looks like I was breaking some secret code or something. Meanwhile some programmed fat kid a table across from me is huffing down flapjacks like they’re discontinued.

Expand your dietary horizons. Eat better. And stop eating after the sun sets. That shit isn’t natural. Unless you’re a bat. But they don’t eat during the day. Does that make the bat smarter that you? Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs it just takes a little practice.

Stop labeling foods and when to eat them. And quit posting diets on FB as an affirmation to your intent, posting pedometer miles is better. you’re faking the funk and we know it.

Paleo for the win. I like Steve Kamb’s site.

Educate yourself on what food actually does to your body and perhaps you’ll be just that closer to achieving whatever goals you’re striving for.

Got Snacks?

Here we go. “Murica’s” new drug of choice… The percentage of overweight/obese Americans is staggering. A nation of people hooked on food, like heroin junkies.

Does anyone eat for sustenance anymore? I mean c’mon, isn’t food meant to be eaten to survive? I guess if it ain’t smothered, covered, chopped, scattered, topped and peppered it ain’t right. Ever see a toddler refuse oatmeal because there isn’t enough sugar and butter in it? We are setting our children up for failure. Would you stick a crack pipe in a baby’s mouth? Meth addict, sugar addict….both make your teeth fall out. I’m just saying.

And before you go “no Dennis it’s not the same”, STFU and listen…stop setting your kids up for diabetes and other food borne ailments. Think about this: Some of you might be lactose intolerant. That means that your ADULT body has decided its had enough of a substance meant to nourish babies. Do you think there are any lactose intolerant people in Somalia or any Russians with peanut allergens?

Can someone explain to me why the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t stepped in to curb this food nonsense. Oh that’s right…money. Money and Monsanto. Google GMO foods and Monsanto. (just click the link)  That guy is Satan hellbent on killing you and your kids and “UOENO” that it’s happening right under your nose.

Marketing and media food gurus entice you with their captivating commercials, playing on your greediness and need for all things bigger. “yeah that burger I made you last time, it’s nothing… nothing…nothing…..compared to this burger. This burger right here, we call it “the whole cow”. You won’t have to eat for weeks.

Bigger, richer, fluffier, greasier, more decadent, more seasoned….mmmm taste all this flavor. And you have the nerve to wonder why you need liposuction. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be a glut AND be physically fit.

Yet I’m the freak because in my late 40’s, I workout like it’s my religion and eat healthy. And then there’s always the plethora of questions: How do you workout? What do you eat? What supplements do you take? Are you on steroids? Most people regard my answers as if I suggested they cut off a big toe. The fact is, every single day I wake up, I think to myself I can do better. I must do better. I will do better. I’m sorry that I have the willpower to avoid Dairy Queen’s XXL Blizzard shakes and those insidious Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

My competitive streak fuels me when my energy runs low and my alpha mindset kicks in. Shout out to Police Lieutenant Larry Kitchens, who try as he might, simply cannot keep up. Larry, if you’re reading this then you know I WON.  Admit defeat gracefully, and I promise to catch you up to speed. Or accept my official challenge: downstairs. police gym. date and time of your choosing. and we’ll invite the entire building.

Sorry, I’ve gotten off track.

I think I may have a solution. Put an end to serviced foods and grocery stores and bring back butchers and farmers markets. convenience kills. Show of hands, who grew up hunting and fishing? Did you teach your kids? Even I am remiss in that one. It’s time to get back to the basics in life.

Simplify your nutrition. Man….venison steaks sound good right about now.


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