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iPhone Crack

I admit it.

I cannot function (well) without my iPhone. Uh huh, that’s right…3 days max is probably all I’d go without it tethered to me in some form or fashion. The sad thing is that I’m not alone. Millions of you are in the same boat I’m in.

My iPhone I’m sure, functions for at least 4-5 devices currently in your house. My list of iPhone apps will amaze some of you non-tech people.

I won’t go into how many movies and tv shows I have, but there’s easily 45-50 gigs to cycle through.(for you old timey people that’s roughly 80-100 trips to Blockbuster).

I have so much music that I’m frequently asked to DJ parties I attend.(especially if the current DJ is garbage).

I can rent a movie download it and watch it on your tv, buy tickets, make reservations on the fly…now that I’m thinking on it, start my car too.

In a nutshell, I’m never bored. If I happen to pull out my iPhone longer than 30 seconds during a conversation with you, it means YOU ARE BORING.

I guess connected and in control is what I feel. It’s the exact same with “crackberries”(BlackBerries) except way cooler. Yes, other phones are starting to catch up to the iPhone with their little bells and whistles, kudos to them.

The Blackberry Storm: I wish I had 2 extra hands so I could give it four thumbs down. There are a couple of decent BlackBerrys, this ain’t one of them.

The G2: mmm, it’s ok, bulky though. Who wants a Hardees thickburger in their pocket? Not me.

I can’t stress it enough, quality over quantity. I’ve accidentally kicked my phone across a gas station parking lot. Got a few scratches but that was it.

You got iPhone beef? Let’s hear it. C’mon Cleatus, c’mon…


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